War Can’t Destruct Love

Recorded December 3, 2018 Archived December 3, 2018 15:33 minutes
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“My childhood was actually great!” In November of 2018, ninth grade student, Olivia Foxman interviewed her grandmother, Shelly Foxman. Olivia learns about Shelly’s admirable  childhood post World War ll. Shelly’s story starts in 1951 in Chicago, but her family's story originates in Warsaw at the beginning of the war. Listen in as Shelly dives into the stories of her family who hid in Europe during the war, immigrated to the US in 1949, raised her as foreigners in America, and Judaism. Shelly grasps your attention with a story full of trauma, loss, perseverance, and love. Her grandmother's devotion for Jewish faith in the eighth minute will touch your heart. Through her story Olivia learns family is home and home is where compassion exists.


  • Olivia Foxman
  • Shelly Foxman
  • Olivia Foxman

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