"We could spend a year here talking about memories and still walk away saying, "Oh, I forgot this . . . "

Recorded January 27, 2018 Archived January 27, 2018 14:10 minutes
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Juan is simply one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He works in the maintenance department at OTS. He is loving, passionate, thoughtful and willing to do whatever needs to be done. I feel so lucky to call him my friend. It wasn't until this interview that I realized how much we grew up at the school together. We started right around the same time, but since he had a couple years or so on me at OTS, and more years in life, when he took me under his wing it meant the world.

In this interview we talk about the "old days" and former co-works at the 4544 N. Lincoln building. Juan discusses hearing live bluegrass for the first time, the people he works with in the concert department and the teachers and students who he sees in the hallways and the time he shares with them on the bench in the lobby.


  • Juan Rodriguez
  • Jason McInnes

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