"We have to learn to live off of the planet--we can't take everything with us." an interview with Steve Clarke

Recorded January 31, 2019 Archived January 31, 2019 15:41 minutes
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Steven Clarke, NASA's Deputy Associate Administrator for Exploration, discusses his life in science and engineering. Currently tasked with bridging NASA's efforts on human and robotic missions to coordinate scientific requirements for going to the Moon and Mars, he has seen many successes and failures in his time working on space exploration.

The next manned missions to the Moon will look similar to the Apollo program in many ways but will have new scientific tools and technologies. In addition, NASA is partnering more with the private sector to get the needed equipment. NASA is interested in using ice on the moon for drinking water and rocket fuel, rather than hauling all those resources from Earth. (Recorded 10 Decemeber 2018)


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