"We may be close to a tipping point...over fifty percent of the Amazon may be lost within decades." an interview with Carlos Nobre

Recorded July 9, 2019 Archived July 9, 2019 20:23 minutes
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Carlos Nobre is a climate scientist with the Institute of Advanced Science in Brazil. Together with twelve hundred scientists, he organized the largest scientific experiment in the Amazon forest, with eleven research towers analyzing water vapor, carbon dioxide, energy balance, atmospheric chemistry, biogeochemical cycles, hydrology, biodiversity, and more. How important is the Amazon to the world? What role do forests have in global warming? How do forests affect the people who live nearby? What changes can be observed following deforestation? Global forests remove more than thirty percent of the earth’s carbon dioxide, of which tropical forests account for between twelve and fifteen percent. These forests are also home to incredible biodiversity, which is already threatened by deforestation, burning, and bio-mass. “We may be very close to a tipping point. If we transgress, over fifty percent of the Amazon may be lost within decades.” (Recorded 14 December 2018)


  • Carlos Nobre
  • Ilan Glazer

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