"What other profession allows you to ask questions, chase those things that give you intellectual itches." an interview with Robert Swap

Recorded June 10, 2019 Archived June 10, 2019 27:25 minutes
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On the football field, Bob Swap learned to read the field, look at the play, assess the information, and move forward. Today, those same skills help him manage over 250 scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Center with NASA’s Pandora project. Bob sees his job as helping all of the scientists he works with, and getting their information out to the public in an easy to understand manner. “As geoscientists, we need to do a better job of taking our information and making it more accessible to the public.” A NASA veteran of over thirty years, Bob says his work is “about a bigger pursuit, and chasing questions, which causes us to go forward.” (Recorded 13 December 2018)


  • Ilan Glazer
  • Robert Swap

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