"When something changes your understanding, that's why you go into this field." an interview with Brian Day

Recorded March 1, 2019 Archived March 1, 2019 19:54 minutes
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Brian Day, of NASA’s Solar System Exploration Virtual Institute, leads a group of scientists in visualization and analysis of spacecraft data. Brian was taught that there’s no water on the moon, there’s no atmosphere on the moon, and the moon is dead. Brian’s team excavated the moon by crashing a school-bus-sized object into it, and sent in a camera to analyze what would happen. The analysis confirmed that the moon does have water-ice. Brian asks “where do we want to go next on the moon? The general public can go along with us.”

Then again, Mars is also calling, and “today’s young people may live and work on Mars.” “We need a new generation of explorers to come in and take the reigns.” Brian regularly shares his work with young people, and always appreciates his opportunity to inspire them. Perhaps the sparks in the eyes of the children will help them become scientists themselves. (Recorded 13 December 2018)


  • Brain Day
  • Ilan Glazer