"Whould've thought that a billion miles from earth we'd have biological activity in the bottom of an ocean?" an interview with Tom Krimigis

Recorded July 8, 2019 Archived July 8, 2019 20:32 minutes
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Tom Krimigis works at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, and was previously the principal investigator for the Voyager I and Voyager II missions. A student of Van Allen, Tom built detectors to search for Van Allen belts on Mars. Mars doesn’t have any, though the detectors discovered other important discoveries. Other detectors were built for Venus and other projects as well. “What Voyager did was to upend all our models on how the sun and earth interact.” Tom remains passionate about discovery using geoscience. “Geoscience is where humanity interacts with nature…the geosciences are central to humanity’s existence.” (Recorded 13 December 2018)


  • Tom Krimigis
  • Ilan Glazer

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