Why Professors Should Be Paid More

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It's without a doubt that professors change the lives of students. They teach skills and impart knowledge that helps people land 6 figure salaries. According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, as of 2019, a post-secondary teacher's annual salary is around $79,500.

Some professors, especially those working in research schools, end up with higher pay but not for teaching but because of the research involved. The salary also depends on the university, academic level, and discipline. For instance, teachers in law and medicine receive a higher wage including those in graduate schools.

Additionally, when hired with a dual appointment where you are required to teach two disciplines, the salary is also likely to be much higher. However, the salary of a professor does not equate to the benefits they provide to learners. Here is why they desire a better salary.

1. Inspires Others to Join the Profession
The salary of a professor can be too low that sometimes you find people saying teaching is a calling. Because of the low pay, most people are not motivated to pursue a career as educators, which is why most times, there is a shortage of teachers. In some cases, professors with low pay would not want their kids to enter the profession. A competitive salary is a great way to acknowledge the hard work that they put throughout the semester, which includes helping students understand the curriculum even after classes. It will also attract people to pursue teaching as a career and a full-time job.

2. Poor Working Conditions
It's common to hear people say teachers pursue other careers because of low income. However, a professor can also transfer to another university because of poor working conditions. Higher institutions with financial issues tend to have a problem attracting qualified teachers.

Financial difficulties in a school often translate to poor administration, unclean and unsafe environment, lack of resources required to teach a class, and many other poor working conditions. A bad principal can also make the working condition of a lecturer unbearable. Professors that continue to teach in such environments because of the students deserve a better salary.

3. Boosts The Economy
A higher salary means the individual is taxed at a higher rate, which boosts the economy, especially if the government puts the money into good use. Better pay also motivates a teacher to enroll in school and advance their career. Paying tuition also puts money back into the economy.

A Higher Salary Keeps Teachers in the Classroom
A lower salary will make a teacher leave the profession entirely if they get a better job offer. Some even opt to take second jobs to get extra money to help pay bills.
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Raising the salary will boost teacher morale and motivate them to focus on teaching. It will also strengthen the quality of the future workforce and increase the quality and number of professors. Increasing in teaching quality and support translates to better student performance. Besides, since the value society places on a person depends on the salary they receive, professors deserve a wage increase.


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