Willem Volkersz and Stephen Glueckert

Recorded June 4, 2022 Archived June 4, 2022 38:37 minutes
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Willem Volkersz (82) speaks with friend Stephen Glueckert (66) about his art and life experiences.

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S congratulates W on winning the Governor's Art Award
W explains his background, growing up in Nazi occupied Holland as the child of parents involved in the Dutch resistance, moving to the U.S. and spending his childhood going back and forth between Seattle and Europe.
W reflects on finding art in college and starting his teaching career, and how it led him to Montana.
S and W discuss the arts community in Montana.
S expresses his admiration for W's work and unique visual language. W talks about finding his artistic influences in his travels, namely folk art, Americana, and neon signs.
S discusses the powerful messages in W's art, particularly the suitcase installation he created as as memorial to former classmates killed in the Holocaust. W explains the piece and its inspiration.
W reflects on how he explores the refugee and immigrant experience through art, and what he feels he has in common with other immigrants.
W and S discuss the art community in Montana, and surviving as an artist.
S and W discuss W's collection of folk and outsider art, and the importance of educating others about these art forms. They reflect on the importance of creating art with their hands.


  • Willem Volkersz
  • Stephen Glueckert

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Missoula Public Library

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