Winnie Kibe and Amya Oliver talk about Winnie’s life as a first-generation immigrant and college student.

Recorded November 27, 2018 Archived November 27, 2018 28:10 minutes
Id: APP574107


In this interview conducted on November 26th, 2018, Amya (21) interviews her friend Winnie (21) about her experiences as a first-generation immigrant and college student. Winnie shares what it was like to grow up experiencing two different cultures simultaneously (Kenyan and North American) and how that has influenced her viewpoints. She also elaborates on her passion for politics and government policy. In the interview, Winnie also shares her beliefs about God and how these beliefs govern her life. Winnie also shares some lessons these experiences have taught her and her advice for the younger generation.


  • Winnie Kibe

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