Working into Harvard

Recorded December 8, 2019 Archived December 8, 2019 21:18 minutes
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Francette Kelley never expected to get into Harvard, but it was a welcome surprise. In this interview, James Kelley interviews Francette in Los Angeles California, about her life growing up in Boston in the 80’s. He asks her about her experience in a poor family and how she balanced so many aspects of her life. Her mother was single an/.dW working most of the time, so between taking care of her younger brother, studying for school, and working 20 hours a week at her own job, she didn’t have much time for anything else. Francette talks about getting into Harvard and the struggles and insecurities she had while at school there. She also gives advice to anyone trying to get into Harvard or schools like it. At 8 minutes she talks about how her uncle convinced her to apply to Harvard, but she thought of it as a joke and didn’t think she would get in. Listen to Francette talk about her life growing up and the surprise of getting into harvard in this interview .


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  • James Kelley

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