"Working Together to Prepare for the Unknown." an interview with Gari Mayberry

Recorded March 19, 2019 Archived March 19, 2019 20:56 minutes
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For the last 14 years, Gari Mayberry has put her volcanology background to work as a disaster response coordinator at USAID. Disasters come in many shapes and sizes so that specialty is a start, but often Gari finds herself connecting scientists, NGOs, and citizens in an evolving variety of complex events. As one person doing the work of four (or that’s at last how it feels), she’s also learned to develop the skill of prioritization in her work. It’s an interesting conversation with a scientist who works in a different kind of “world of the unknown,” where the focus is not on proving or disproving theories of the unknown but planning for the unknown. (Recorded 11 December 2018)


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