Yaniel Carrillo, 17, asking his younger sister Yanielis Carrillo, 13, about details of her personal life experiences.

Recorded November 6, 2017 Archived November 6, 2017 16:26 minutes
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I, Yaniel Carrillo (17), interviewed my younger sister, Yanielis Carrillo (13). This interview was recorded on November 6th, 2017 in Kissimmee, Florida We talked about her personal life, and how where her difficult moment. We talked about the important people who influenced in her life. We talked about her experience moving to U.S., and her memories in life. Also, she told me things she never told me before. This experience was great thanks to the questions, I talked somethings that I never talked to her about before, and I now know things about her I didn’t knew before the interview.


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