Interview with Yokabed Ogbai, Gorreti Murguia, and Jose Catarino

Recorded July 18, 2018 Archived July 18, 2018 21:26 minutes
Languages: English
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Yokabed Ogbai, Goretti Murguia, and Jose Catarino have three unique immigration stories ready to be toldthat they shared with the J2U interns.

Yoki is 19 years old and heading into college. She recently received her citizenship and currently resides in Colorado. She bravely tells the story of how she immigrated to the U.S from a country in East Africa, AretrayaEritrea, and shares the sacrifices she took to get here. Yoki arrived in the U.S when she was 14, with her brother, and not long after her mother followed behind. Shortly after arriving they struggled to make a new life living in the U.S but Yoki shares how the journey was all worth it.

Gorreti is 18 years old. She recently graduated from high school and earned valedictorian (Top of her class!). While soaring her way to the top of life she courageously shares her story of how her and her family arrived to the U.S from Mexico and the barriers she had to go through in order to get here. Gorreti arrived in the U.S with her Mother, Father, and younger sister. After attaining their Visa to stay, which only was active for 3 months, Gorreti made a tuffough decision to either continue residing in the U.S or go back to her home country. Gorreti shares the journey of how hershe and her family made a life changing decision.

Jose, 21, Is an engineering student at MSU Denver, walks us through the process of how he got his DACA status. He fearlessly speaks for those who have shared a similar experience. He arrived in the U.S when he was 9nine years old from mMexico cCity. He came across the border with his parents, which once they arrivedto stay with Jose’s Ggrandparents. While living in the U.S, Jose was able to obtain his work permit and DACA status in 2014. This has given him the opportunity to work and get in state college tuition! Jose shares the journey he took to obtain his DACA and reside in the U.S.

Listen to this podcast to learn how these three individuals faced immigration and how they're not afraid to be heard.


  • Jose Catarino
  • Gorreti Murguia
  • Yokabed Ogbai
  • Arts Street Youth Employment Academy