You Are Only As Good As Your Last Croissant

Recorded January 13, 2019 Archived January 13, 2019 13:28 minutes
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Cooking is a form of art and so many people love making and eating food. On January 6th 2019 in Los Angeles California, Jack Beerman interviewed his grandmother Sarabeth Levine to learn about her early life as a pastry chef. When sarabeth was younger, her mother in law would cook homemade meals and taught sarabeth how to cook. She first started cooking professionally in 1980. She started making orange apricot marmalade which was a family recipe. She still makes this to this day. She soon later started a cafe and the main product was the marmalade. Food reviewers starting asking her if she sold it in stores which eventually happened. She then made a bakery and a factory for the Jam. Later on, she started making restaurants with a variety of different foods. Those restaurants became so popular that other food businesses in other countries wanted her to make restaurants. She had most of them in New York but she also had some in Dubai, Japan and some other places around the world.


  • Sarabeth Levine
  • Jack Beerman

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