"You can save more lives by being a plant scientist" interview with Becca Barnes, Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona, Evelyn Valdez-Ward & Ben Sulman

Recorded March 19, 2019 Archived March 19, 2019 45:20 minutes
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In this inspiring interview, Becca Barnes, Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona, Evelyn Valdez-Ward, and Ben Sulman, four early-career biogeoscientists come together to share their reflections on what it means to be a scientist today. How can scientific knowledge be spread on social media? How can scientists be more involved in engaging their communities? The scientific community has welcomed these four colleagues with open arms, providing opportunities to grow and find support for their research. In turn, they share their ideas with their students, and throughout the AGU community. The support of the larger scientific community reminds them that they’re never alone, and inspires them to continue work for the betterment of all. (Recorded 10 December 2018)


  • Ben Sulman
  • Bianca Rodriguez-Cardona
  • Evelyn Valdez-Ward
  • Becca Barnes
  • Ilan Glazer
  • AGU Narratives

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