“You don’t only live once, we live every single day. But once you die, you’re done.”

Recorded October 10, 2019 Archived October 10, 2019 15:47 minutes
Id: APP911804


I interviewed my mom for the StoryCorp interview because she’s someone I really admire in my life. She’s a strong, independent person that never shows any weakness and has guided me through many hardships in my life. Instead of always hearing about me, I wanted to hear about her. Things that stood out during our interview include religion, death, and my grandmas life. Something I learned about my mom was how much religion meant to her. I knew she was a believer in God, but not at the extent she went into during the interview. She also went into how hard my grandma worked to get her start in this country. I realized during that how lucky I am, only two generations later, to have the life and wealth my parents gave me. I knew how strong my mom was before the interview, but after it further proved how amazing she is.


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