You’re going to try some things and mess up. You have to learn from your mistakes

Recorded May 31, 2018 Archived May 31, 2018 30:34 minutes
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I talk to my mom about some things I’ve wanted to know her opinion on and wanted to get a clear view of what she’s thinking of for the future. Also a way to get to know my mom just a little bit better. We talk a little about her life now and how she’s grown through her life and how she likes her life now as well as what she hopes for in the future. A way to delve into the mind of my mom who to me is a little hard to figure out sometimes which makes sense given that I am the same way. It's a way to understand my mom better and to hopefully show who she is as a person.


  • Teriann Tester-Kamaunu
  • Tiare Mitchell

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