Zakaria Davis and Nancy Zook

Recorded June 9, 2021 Archived June 9, 2021 25:54 minutes
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Zakaria Davis (19) talks to her new acquaintance, Nancy Zook (55), about her life, her family and friends, how she feels to be graduating from high school, and her hopes and goals for the future.

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ZD talks about graduating from high school.
ZD recites her "I Am" statement for the I Am Project.
ZD reflects on her dad's death and how she picked herself up afterward, inspired by all the things he wanted her to do.
ZD talks about her relationship with her sister.
ZD talks about what she would change about the world if she could.
ZD talks about how she wants to be remembered.


  • Zakaria Davis
  • Nancy Zook

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00:04 My Name is zekiah Davis, my age is 19. Today's date is June 9th 2021.

00:16 My location to Chicago, Illinois.

00:19 Name of my partner is Miss up.

00:23 Our relationship is, I just met her.

00:27 And my name is Nancy. Zook. I am 55 years, old today, is June 9th 2021. We are in Chicago at CCAA. Had me the Kaya is my partner today, and she is a student soon-to-be graduates of CCA.

00:56 So what does it feel like now that you're here now that in less than five days. You are going to graduate with your high school diploma, and I feel good. Like I'm very excited that is finally finally over to go off to college experience new things.

01:20 I'm just excited to graduate.

01:25 Do you know what you're going to do for college?

01:32 I'm going to for college, I'm going to

01:40 Horicon, like, I want to be what I wanted to be, was your friend or where I like do hair and stuff. So I'm going to really go to college, but I'm just going to put that to the side. I'm going to go, I'm going to go to college for like nursing cuz I did want to be a nurse. So I'm going to go to college for nursing. Take up again.

02:04 What makes you want to go into nursing? Why?

02:09 Because I like to.

02:14 I would like to go into nursing because

02:17 To help people. That's the wrong sick and not even tell people that sick. I just like people being around, people kids everything. So I'll love to help someone family or help a family member, if they're sick or whatever they need done.

02:40 What's been one of your biggest struggles getting to this point in your life getting ready to?

02:47 Biggest struggle, my biggest struggle.

02:58 My biggest struggle was.

03:03 Math.

03:05 Math, and Malia was really mad, but not really cuz I really like math but the main struggle really was mad. If I have like a hard time. We like a lot of stuff that I have to do with man. Cuz it like some of the stuff was tricky. It was like to make sure that I had

03:29 Who's the most important person in your life?

03:33 The most important person in my life is my

03:40 Why?

03:42 Because I don't know, my dad passed away. So I don't know. Like, I just like my mom is like everything without her. I wouldn't even brought. You know, what? I don't hurt like nothing. So she means a lot to me. She take care of me cuz I take care of my sister and brothers and she just the best.

04:05 If your mom were to describe you to someone else, what would she say?

04:12 I'm in my mind was to describe me to someone else. She will say.

04:18 I forgot I got an attitude problem, a little bit. I'm very smart.

04:26 I don't listen to what she says, anything that you need help with.

04:35 I'm always on time for things just like positive stuff. Like good behavior.

04:43 Sweet, what would your best friend say to describe you?

04:54 She was there, she's always with her boyfriend.

05:00 She's, she's a nice person. She's a good friend to have.

05:08 My best, if my best friend will also say

05:14 I'm very, I'm a very intelligent person.

05:20 What makes you a good friend?

05:25 Always being on net. What makes me a good friend is always being honest or if it's something bad or is it something good? I'm always like telling the truth with everything. I'm always here for I'm always here to help.

05:49 Do you want to stay your? I am statements?

05:53 Yes, I would like the same.

05:57 I am smart.

06:02 I am very intelligent.

06:05 I am a very, I am a very loving person.

06:12 I am.

06:18 I am from Chicago.

06:25 I am currently.

06:29 I am currently about to be done with high school.

06:36 Are you sure?

06:40 I am.

06:46 I am amazing. I am.

06:51 I'm a very strong person.

06:58 Where do you see yourself five years from now?

07:05 I see myself 5 years from now. I see myself.

07:12 Successful.

07:14 I see myself.

07:19 Where I want to be. I see myself like in a better position than I am now.

07:32 What were you like as little kid?

07:36 As a little kid, I would.

07:40 I was a good kid.

07:44 I really never. I was a playful. I love to play around. Looks like go outside with like friend.

07:53 I love to to go places, like cheese out to eat stuff like that.

08:04 I was just I was a good kid. I was smart. Like I am now, how have you changed as you cry?

08:22 I changed oil as I changed as I've grown. I changed.

08:29 Like, I changed.

08:38 I just became better. I was never a big here and then like that always has more souls. Like, with that being said, I was I just came but I just became better than what I didn't. How I was even more like,

08:54 Even with that, I guess I didn't really like it says, I'm older now. I see things better. I know what's right from wrong.

09:19 I am proud of myself.

09:25 I'm proud of how I am proud of how I how I didn't became even though like this. Yeah. I know it was outside.

09:41 I am proud of myself. I'm proud that I

09:51 I'm proud of that. I got got a job. I started working. When I thought that I was never going to be working again. Once I got fired or I'm proud of like me, even though, like, I was school. I was like, I really it was like, I didn't stop going, it was like once my dad died. I really like, feel, awful school, but I'm proud that I pick myself up and decided to you. No. Like, okay, even though you go to things, you still going to do. I'm still going to do the right stuff. I'm still going to make sure I graduate, so I'm just proud of feeling myself.

10:31 What, what inspired you are helps you after your father died, that got you back on track. It was me thinking that because before he died before my dad died, he saw me like I want you to graduate high school to be a doctor. So it was like, the times when I was like, damn.

10:56 The things they'll pick me up with the things that he wanted me to see if he was here.

11:01 Like graduate high school.

11:05 Be somebody. He wanted me to be a doctor. So bad. You always said it and the words or whatever used to send me and just, you know, go to everyday.

11:25 What's a?

11:34 My life has been different from what I imagined.

11:53 My life has been dangerous.

12:04 All I was thinking like, well, when I was little I really didn't even like

12:12 Go outside with my mom was like real strict. So I really couldn't like go outside because it was even though I did really want just one of us sometimes but it was like not really.

12:30 So, I was always think alike. I could never go out with the other kid.

12:37 Now that I didn't get older is like all that fussing and stuff really outside, really since all of the stuff that's going on. Now. It's really like it was really like I'm not going cuz I could when I was little I could have just went outside like going places, but I can just say that

13:01 Now since I'm older, I see that how life is.

13:07 Really outside really didn't even really matter cuz, you know, you got stuff. You got to be where you want to be in life. And it's not really all about, like, going outside doing stuff, like I do starting something, but make sure you always do like the everything that you need to do. Like that's important first.

13:44 I didn't send them.

13:51 It's somebody loud outside but then they left right. When I went out.

14:07 I am.

14:10 Very sensitive.

14:14 I am short.

14:18 I am.

14:23 I am nice.

14:27 I am.

14:30 I am.

14:42 I am.

14:47 I am a daughter.

14:50 I am a sister.

15:00 I am a high-school graduate.

15:09 I am very respectful.

15:13 I am a hard worker.

15:28 If I can interview anyone living or not, aligned it will be

15:36 My sister.

15:39 It will be my sister because I love to like

15:46 Interview her even though, like I know a lot of things about her but some of the stuff that I don't know that I would love to hear about. So helping my sister.

15:57 What makes your relationship with your sister special?

16:04 What makes what makes?

16:08 The relationship with my sister special is,

16:12 Just really have a little round. No wonder. She's here, because like, she's here with me everyday, even though she get on my nerves, we have our arguments. But what makes it special, is that she's here and

16:32 What's?

16:41 Emma.

16:45 In my life, the most

16:55 A time where I feel most alone was

17:05 Wend.

17:12 I'm going to film us alone was.

17:16 When I got fired from my job, I used to work at Wendy's and I got fired because I used to just come late because I used to live far away and isolate in the fire. But that was the time when I feel most alone because

17:31 My family wasn't pressuring me, but it was like kind of day was

17:38 Because they was telling me like, you know, you were supposed to get off time for work. And you know, you was, you got the job. You said, you were mean and she talked with you, she gave you chances after chances.

17:49 But yeah, there was a time when I feel most alone when I got fired from my job.

18:01 If you could change anything, that's happened to you and your life.

18:07 What would you change?

18:10 If I could change something that happened in my life, it would be.

18:36 What makes you happy?

18:39 What makes me happy is?

18:43 Waking up every day, because I know some people don't waking up every day. Makes me really, really happy to see you. Breathing. Well. I get have a roof over my head.

19:07 I have my sisters and brothers, my mom.

19:17 What irritates me is when someone lie to me like I don't like being lied to, you just really tell me the truth. I'm already the nicest person. So it's nothing for you to worry about.

19:35 If you could change something in this world, what would you change? If I could change something in this world? It will be

19:53 I could change something in this world.

20:09 Community in the world.

20:22 Something that I think messed up about the real is,

20:28 Disco be how this Co is. Just I guess really came out no hair and now people are dying from it. People are alike and it's just real. Really crazy. It's like slowing down a little bit now, but that's something. It would be covid.

20:59 My boyfriend would describe me game.

21:03 Irritating Illini always bugging.

21:09 Loving do sweet. Just I have attitudes from hearing that one act like a little cry, baby.

21:24 Trying to say your, I am statements.

21:28 I am sweet. I am.

21:34 I am.

21:36 About to go to college. I am.

21:45 I am always respectful. I am.

21:50 I am.

21:54 I am.

21:57 High school graduate. I am.

22:07 I am only 5 2.

22:15 I am a bulls fan.

22:22 I am.

22:31 I am kind.

22:37 What makes you special?

22:40 Unique? What makes me special?

22:47 How I treat. What makes me special.

22:52 What makes me special is?

22:56 How I? How I am sir people and I. Like you having me as a friend, you love even having me as though, you were really love it. Here. I am just like I can have my time sometimes, but I probably have to be happy, but I added two from hearing. But the person I am. I just feel like I'm the right person to meet like, I don't judge.

23:35 I want to be remembered as someone that always makes somebody smile.

23:46 A very smart girl.

24:02 I want to be wise and when I asked her want to be remembered as somebody that always, she always goofed around. Like I'm very goofy. Even when somebody is down or sick of everything. I always end up making a joker make you somebody laugh.

24:36 What do you want people to know if people are listening to this interview? What do you want people to relieve know about you or about what you think?

24:48 I would like people who want people to know that.

24:58 I want you to know that the main things are for people to know is

25:05 That.

25:07 Once again, it's the main nice. Like you love to meet me and I want people to know that.

25:21 When this Heart, Like if it's hard times, if you ever going to something or something like that, like never give up. You can do it.

25:40 Okay.

25:44 Anything else you want to add?

25:47 No.