Zbigniew Kruszewski and Gaspare Genna

Recorded January 23, 2023 Archived January 23, 2023 44:45 minutes
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Dr. Gaspare Matteo Genna (57) interviews his colleague Dr. Zbigniew Anthony “Tony” Kruszewski [no age given] about his memories and experiences living in Warsaw, Poland during World War II. They also talk about the Warsaw Uprising and Dr. Kruszewski's involvement in the Anti-Nazi Resistance Movement.

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Dr. K describes the start of World War II, the 1939 invasion of Poland, the Soviet Union's role in that invasion, and the events that followed.
Dr. K recalls troops approaching Warsaw. He remembers his personal experiences during wartime at the age of eleven.
Dr. K recalls the treatment of Jewish people when German Soldiers occupied Poland. Dr. K talks about public executions and scare tactics.
Dr. K talks about The Resistance Movement and how he became involved.
Dr. K talks about the actions of the Nazi German Army. Dr. K recalls Jewish people in 1943 who remained in the ghetto deciding to fight.
Dr. K talks about his role in The Resistance Movement. He also recalls the dividing of families and his mother being sent to a concentration camp, where she died, after she asked not to be separated from Dr. K's grandmother.
Dr. K recalls traveling through sewers in Warsaw as a messenger. He also remembers emerging from the sewers and being taken by a German soldier. He talks about how he escaped from being captured.
Dr. K recalls when he realized it was time to leave Poland. He talks about communism, the Soviet Army, and the uprisings. Dr. K also recalls spending a year in a Prisoner of War camp and rejoining the Polish Army under British Command.
Dr. K recalls coming to the United States.
Dr. K talks about fascism, the Soviet Union, and the POW camp where he was imprisoned.
Dr. G talks about the importance of Dr. K's story. Dr. K talks about Ukraine and says that "we Americans have to support Ukraine."


  • Zbigniew Kruszewski
  • Gaspare Genna

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La Fe Community Center


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