Zelinn Fiore and her grandma, Irene Beatriz Mejia, talk about Irene’s childhood.

Recorded November 26, 2018 Archived November 26, 2018 16:25 minutes
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In this interview, conducted November 2018 in Mckinney Texas, Zelinn Fiore (14) interviews her grandma Irene Beatriz Majia about her childhood and growing up in the U.S. Irene talks about her family and her childhood. She also talks about school and the struggles of coming to the U.S. She then talks about her religion and how it takes a big part of her life. She also shares a happy memory and also shares one of the dumbest things she has ever done. At the end of the discussion, Irene talks about the important lessons of life.


  • Irene beatriz Mejia
  • Zelinn Fiore

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