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app 15:34
October 22, 2017
Interview with Grandma

How communication has changed over time

app 13:10
October 20, 2017
Interview w/ mom

Talking to my 57 year old mom on how we don’t communicate how we used to.

app 16:16
October 20, 2017
StoryCorps Project Interview

How has communication changed? An interview between grandmother (age 71) and granddaughter (age 22).

app 15:41
October 20, 2017
Changes in Communication

How communication has changed over the last 30+ years

app 06:15
October 20, 2017
Communications // Lexis Wattler

We talked about how communication has changed and how Missy feels about the changes

app 13:52
October 19, 2017
We Don’t Communicate Like We Used To?

We talked about the importance of communication and how it has changed over time.

app 37:02
Communication Through the Ages

An interview of my mother about what communication has been for her throughout her life.

app 14:49
October 19, 2017
We don’t communicate like we used to

Summarizing communication

app 15:54
October 19, 2017
Talking Communication with my Grandmother

A sit down with my grandmother talking about the changes of Communication and how it’s effected our family.

app 34:59
October 19, 2017
Communication Reflection

We discussed his personal experiences with communication as a basis for contemplating how society communicates now.