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it's our story.

This interview is private.

My older brother should have asked for a cake instead

This interview is private.

November 26, 2018
An Interview With my Mother, Maria

Maria talks about how her life in America and how it’s better now than it was before when she lived in Mexico.

September 25, 2018
James William Cordell, Part 2

James William Cordell of Mississippi (1907-1983) remembers his early life. Part 2.

Mr.Gordon talks about his experiences in being a part of different labor unions.

Mr. Gordon's life has been impacted significantly by the presence of labor union. In this interview, Mr. Gordon shares his experiences in being a part of the United Automobile Worker and the United Federation of Teachers. He vividly portrays the...

December 15, 2017
Overcoming Struggles

"Even when it's hard, just because it's hard doesn't mean you need to stop. " Noelle Watkins interviews her mom, Nikki Watkins, on December 10, 2017 about her childhood memories, what were her favorites and what struggles she encountered along...

November 29, 2017
Jesse and Randi talk about the experiences Randi has learned through AA. “What does living on life’s terms mean to you?”

Randi, Jesse's mom is a recovering addict of various substances and went through AA and other organizations to help her get through her addiction. She has learned many lessons from AA, including "living life on life's terms," and feels that...

Julissa and Kembelyn talked about her life story.” Tell me a little about your childhood”.

This interview is private.

November 26, 2017
Sharron Edwards interviewed by her granddaughter Lauren Stacy. Ex: “How do you want future generations of our family to remember you?”

My grandmother tells me things about her life nobody else could tell me. I learned about her childhood and heard her opinions on things like women's rights. I hope to show this to my future children or family if she...

November 5, 2017
Benjaliss Velazquez and the Supervisor of the Crime Scene and Evidences, talking about Forensic Sciene Career

Benjaliss Velazquez interviewing Daniel, the Supervisor of Crime Scene and Evidences. The interview it was en October 26, in the Police Departament of St, Cloud. The topic that we discussed was about the Forensic Sciene Career.