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January 16, 2018
An Interview with Dave Holt

Kevin Kim (17) interviews his English tutor Dave Holt (69) about his childhood in a small town in Canada. Mr. Holt shares his story about living throughout the Cold War. He talks about his native American heritage experience. At minute...

January 16, 2018
Megan interviews her 79 year old grandmother Mariana Lee “from the head to the toe”

I interviewed my grandmother, Mariana Lee, about her life in China and America. At times my mother, Annie, chimes in to help facilitate the interview. We talked about her childhood, her children, and what she has been doing in her...

January 15, 2018
Jasmine Laoudi and Diva Habibi talk with Ms. Gale Wade about her childhood living on a small island off of Alaska.

During the Great Thanksgiving LIsten at Fairfax High School, Gale Wade spoke about her family life, education, and hobbies while living on a small island off of Alaska that was populated with less than 4,000 people.

January 15, 2018
Ismett Vasquez and Lurinarda Gonzalez, 2 students at the ALC – Lehman College, talk about Ismett’s childhood, in the South Bronx.

On November 21, 2017, at Lehman College - Adult Learning Center, Ismett Vasquez and Lurinarda Gonzalez talked about Ismett's childhood and what it was like growing up in the South Bronx. Ismett shares a happy and a sad memory about...

January 14, 2018
A student at Lehman ALC, Lurinarda Gonzalez, talks with fellow student, Arnold Serieux about special moments in her life.

On 12/12/2017, at the Lehman College Adult Learning Center, two students, Lurinarda Gonzalez and Arnold Serieux, talk about how it was for Lurinarda, growing up in the Dominican Republic, with her wonderful grandparents. According to Lurinarda, her grandparents would rate...

January 14, 2018
Classmates at the ALC – Lehman College, Jorge Garcia and Arnold Serieux discuss important events in Arnold’s life, in St. Lucia.

On December 7, 2017, Jorge Garcia, originally from Mexico, asked Arnold Serieux some questions about his life in St. Lucia. Arnold spoke about his mother and how important she was to him. She taught him how to love and respect...

January 14, 2018
James Foster and Ms. Accie Mae Murray talk about family life, growing up on a farm and how her parents guided her to take the right path.

Ms. Murray talks about growing up on a farm, with her family, where she learned about family togetherness, and having fun. Her parents taught her to stay healthy, and to get along with all kinds of people. Her mother shared...

January 14, 2018
“What we have in common.”

Fr. Ron Roberson is associate director of the Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. He staffs dialogues on the national level with the Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Polish National Catholic and Episcopal Churches....

January 13, 2018
Using Aira to enhance Personal Independence

Dustin has found personal independence since using Aira. He no longer has to ask friends or family for help. Dustin recently called in to Aira and went shopping with his smart glasses for the first time. All with a shopping...

January 12, 2018
Sarah And Mr. Linn talked about about the 2000’s decade

In this interview Sarah and Mr.Linn had a jolly walk down memory lane. They embarked into an intriguing conversation about the 2000's decades.