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September 23, 2018
Kerrie Stone talks to Nancy Meyer about her memories of growing up in Evergreen Park, IL.

Nancy Meyer talked about growing up in Evergreen Park in mid 20th century. She had many friends and felt very safe.

September 23, 2018
Julie Keaty talks to Marge Ketchum and Alden Ketchum about they met in Evergreen Park.

Marge and Alden Ketchum described how they met in the 1950's and their family history in Evergreen Park, IL.

September 23, 2018
Cathy Morrin talks to Karen Buikema about growing up in Evergreen Park.

Karen talks about the farming history of Evergreen Park. Karen lived on 10 acre farm at 9723 S. Kedzie.

September 22, 2018
The life of Lori Quintanilla

I conducted this interview for my Race and Identity through pop culture 4013-001 class at University of Texas at San Antonio.

September 21, 2018
The Day After The People’s Park Riots (1969)

Juanita lived in Berkeley, CA at the time. Surveying the scene the next morning, her son in his stroller touched a leaf, inadvertently teargassing himself by rubbing his eye.

September 21, 2018
Linda Vaden-Goad’s Moon Landing Story

Dr. Linda Vaden-Goad shares her Moon Landing story for the Moon Landing in Context Project at Framingham State University. Dr. Vaden-Goad speaks about how living in Houston, Texas and watching the Moon Landing impacted her life.

September 21, 2018
Story Corps Interview with Dr. James Vaughan on his experiences with Race & Identity

This Interview is an assignment for the AAS4013 : Race & Identity through Pop Culture class taught by Professor Martina McGhee at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I conducted this interview with James Vaughan, Ph.D. to learn more...

September 21, 2018
“That, like, ‘I’m strong, I can do it,’ or like that idea of pushing yourself. “

2:28-5:28 MP: Do you see anything of yourself in me? What... umm... like... strengths, do you see you've passed on to me? Or what weaknesses? SE: *Laughs* MP: O-or fortalezas or fuerzas? How do you- how do I say...? SE:...

September 18, 2018
Barts edited Interview

Summary of me asking bart personal question

September 18, 2018
Bob Conover talks about building Ranger, a JPL spacecraft that went to the Moon in the 1960s, then restoring it again 50 years later

In the summer of 2015, Bob Conover led a team of 12 volunteers to restore a 50-year-old Ranger spacecraft at the California Science Center. Bob is a retired JPL engineer who originally worked on the Ranger at JPL in its...