Hair Stories Interview Ideas

Interviewer shares a bit about the project and that our central topic is hair as it relates to your personal identity/life experiences/perspective. At anytime if the interviewee wants to tell a story and veer off from any particular question that is totally fine. The questions are here to help draw out hairstories but are not necessary or ordered in any way. Just try to stay on the topic of hair and identity… And try to stay speaking from your own perspective; speak for yourself and only about your own experiences. We want to know about you! I want both people to be able to share stories in a conversational manner but for the interviewer to focus mostly on listening to the interviewee and encouraging her to share her stories.

  • Please describe your relationship with your hair.
  • What are the most interesting stories about your hair?
  • How do you now or have you in the past expressed your identity through your hair?
  • Can you think of a time in your life when your hair marked a transition?
  • Is there something about your hair that you want people to know?
  • Do you remember any conversations or interactions with your mother about your hair? Either when you were younger or more recently..
  • Is your hair similar or very different from your mother, your grandmother, your daughter?
  • Where did you learn to care for/ style/ your hair? What hair rituals or traditions have been passed to you or by you in your family/chosen family?
  • What is your “hairitage”? How does your hair connect/disconnect you to your ethnicity or culture?
  • How does your hair relate to a feeling of belonging? Was there a time when another person made assumptions about you because of your hair?
  • Has your hair ever felt like a place of control? Inwardly or outwardly…
  • There has been a lot of conversation lately about cultural appropriation. Have you ever tried on a hair style that was foreign to you as an experiment? Is there any hairstyle that you have seen on someone else that felt inappropriate to you?
  • If your hair was a friend, how would you describe them?
  • What does a good or bad hair day feel like?
  • What is something about your hair that some people don’t know?
  • Is your hair a form of art? when does it feel like Adornment?
  • What is your fantasy hair?