Mother's Day Appreciation Collection (Friend/Family Member to Woman)

INTERVIEW QUESTIONS for MOTHERS and DAUGHTERS who are INTERVIEWED by FRIENDS and FAMILY - We are excited that you have decided to interview your mother, daughter, aunt, grandmother, niece or other women who you would like to celebrate as a part of BlackFemaleProject’s Mother’s Day Appreciation Collection.

  • What have you learned from your mother/daughter that has helped you thrive professionally?
  • Is there a phrase or expression that you picked up from your mother/daughter and find yourself sharing with others?
  • How does your relationship with your mother/daughter impact your career path? (In terms of types of work, approach to work, etc.)
  • How has your mother/daughter relationship shaped your identity as a professional woman?
  • What’s a point of pride for you in regard to your mother/daughter’s professional accomplishments?
  • Is there anything you’ve always wanted to say to your mother/daughter but never had the chance?