Suggested questions

This is a list of questions that should get you off to a good start. Feel free to use the questions that are most appropriate for the person you are interviewing. They start with ice-breaker questions before getting to deeper questions. You don't need to use all the questions, and you don't need to be confined to these questions. Please do work to keep the interview focused on the intersection of faith and life: Where is God at work in all that we do for the benefit of our neighbors?

  • To start things off, please tell us your name, where you live, and where you attend worship.
  • Tell me about where and with whom you grew up. What did the adults in your life back then do from day to day? Tell me about the people who you consider to be your family today.
  • How did you come to faith? (Who were the most influential people? What were the most influential experiences that brought you to faith?)
  • What did you think you were going to be or do when you grew up? (follow up…) How did that work out? Where has God been involved in shaping your life’s path?
  • How do you spend the majority of your time during the week? (e.g., What are your major life roles? What is your line of work?) Where is God active in what you do with the majority of your time? (e.g., How do others benefit from what you do?)
  • Lots of people do what you do. How does God’s presence make a difference in what you do, how you do it, or the value you see in what you do?
  • Describe a time when you felt especially satisfied with what you do. (Afterward, if they didn’t include this: What made that a meaningful experience?)
  • Tell me about a time when you felt you were being called to do something that you would never choose to do on your own. Where was God in that experience?
  • Who and how were you introduced to the idea that God is at work in your daily activities for the benefit of your neighbor?
  • Turn the tables: Tell the person you’re interviewing what you learned from them, or what was most meaningful to you. Thank them for talking with you.