Interview of Kayla Lemonds

In this interview, I ask my sister some questions about life, school, and situations in her life that she has overcome.

Sheila Rossi Testimony

My mother was born in Iran in 1975, and went back in 1979 with her mom. Shortly after, the Revolution broke out, and my mother had to get out of the country. As a mixed Iranian-American kid, her memories from...

Samantha and Garrett

We talked about some of the important moments and lessons she’s had and learned from in her life

Lina Wong

My sister talks about her wisdom teeth


Trenton Shideler does an interview on Jacob Bilyeu

Hazel Johnston

How being promoted to President of her Junior class in high school was a trial that helped her become closer to her Heavenly Father.

Tomas and Julia

Just two pals having a nice conversation about his views on the world


An interview with my mom

Grandpas interveiw
September 19, 2019 App Interview

My grandpa and I talked about his childhood experiences and related them to how he saw those roles played out in his life.

You’re Only Human

Claire Coffman talks about her life after her parents’ divorce: the disruptiveness in routine, the saturated time spent with one parent, and finding balance once again. She concluded with accepting both herself and her parents as only human beings who...

A Life spent between New Orleans, OC and Peru.

We spoke about my mom’s life in New Orleans, and in Peru. Then we spoke about my life in Orange County and how mom and I have seen OC change!

Bill and Waco Culbertson interviewed by John Kirkpatrick, August 2019.
September 19, 2019 App Interview

Bill and Waco Culbertson share their life story from birth and family, where they lived, jobs, early years in Spring Creek, children, years in Hot Springs, military service, and retirement.

Interview With my Mom
September 19, 2019 App Interview

Stories about childhood in a different country and immigrating to the U.S.

Canadian Hockey Guy & the Prince of Anaheim

Former Anaheim Ducks Player Kent Huskins sits down with Anaheim Native Joel Kott of Paul Kott Realtors

Person I Can Look Up To

We talked a lot about religion and God, and about who he used to be.

Two blonds with a story

The eternal wisdom of an ordinary snorkel mask and how seeing two views at once defined who we became.