Transitioning in the Workplace

My story as it relates to me finding a safe space to transition in the workplace, and why these types of spaces are so important for the transgender and gender non-conforming community at large.

Jasper Catanzaro pt. 2

Part 2 of Mr. Catanzaro’s interview

The Legacy of the Brewster Family

Discover the legacy of the Brewster family. A family that came on the Mayflower

Jasper Catanzaro: Army 1965-67 pt.1

The first part of Mr. Catanzaro talking about his time in the military. He walks us through some photos taken during his time in the service

Russel Shultz

Talked about years as a helicopter pilot

Howard rundell

Mr. Rundell shares his motives for joining the Navy and of his time as a pilot.

Thomas Holmes WW2 pt. 2

Me. Holmes continues his stories about his time serving in WW2

Tom Holmes WW2 story pt. 1

Mr. Holmes shares stories from his years in combat during WW2

Interview with Jhagadesh

In this interview I awk my brother about his life and about where he had previously lived.