We talked about how much Mel means to me and how her life was

Mary Adams Interview (UNT History 2685) April 20, 2019. Chris Adams.

I interview my mother about witnessing acts of terrorism and the effects they had on society and people in general.

Alexa communication

Alexa being a new mother and how she would like to be come a Pediatrician.

9/11 Survivor Speaks on their Experience

A survivor of 9/11 (my mother) speaks on her experiences in the World Trade Center during and after the attacks.

My Grandfather

I interviewed my grandfather about his life.

BoiseSpeaks: "We were always under surveillance."

Ethyl Furuya Minnis tells of her experience growing up in California and staying under surveillance in Japan as a Japanese-American during WWII.

BoiseSpeaks: "Where do you want to live?"

Erika Warner shares her story of learning English, falling in love, finding her life’s vocation and the importance of giving back to your community.