Happy Interview

Talked about overall questions for happiness.

A New Beginning Part 2

This is my second interview with Kobe Walker. I ask him about his college experience, how it’s been adjusting to the college life, and how he feels about loans.

My Sister’s Education

She talk a little bit about her college experience, and she also talk about her resent success in school.

A New Beginning

My name is Kobé Tanner and I’m interviewing my roommate Kobe Walker. This interview is about college and his experience during this first month of classes.

First Day of School

Ernest talked about his experience on the First Day of school.

The First Day of School

I was having an interview with a fellow classmate. It was her first time college and I am in my third year of college.

First Day of School

Manuel’s first day of school and how it differed from the others


We discussed how she met my dad and about his proposal, as well as my childhood and what it was like raising me and my brother. We also talked about her experience growing up and her time at college.