January 10, 2019
Colton Peterson, Alan Gorchov Negron, Illan Glaze, and agucentennial@gmail.com

Alan Gorchov Negron and Colton Petersen, we hear their stories of becoming scientists, and their hopes for their continued research and involvement in geosciences. What is the role of an earth scientist? What is the role of climate models? Is...

Chinese Korean

We discussed my mother’s childhood and the racism she experienced. Although it there were similar situations in the book Black Boy, they were to an extreme defree. Both of these stories show how much and how little our society’s views...

December 3, 2018
Karnam Comes to America

My name is Nikita Udayakumar and I am a student of the University Honors Program. In December 2018, I had the opportunity to interview my dad about his unique experience immigrating to the United States and forming a sense of...

Thanksgiving Conversation with Grandpa

In this interview, my 85 year old grandfather Yale Rosenstein talks about his childhood, his parents, his Judaism, and the life that he has built in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh.

Growing Up In The Big Apple

We talked about my Dad’s life and how he grew up and the impact it had on his life now.