Stephanie & Abrar

Interview of Abrar by Stephanie about studying in the US but living in Saudi Arabia.

Interview with Reka Arkovics

We talked about her education and her experiences in the world.

Interview with my mom

Interviewing my mom about growing up and focusing on education

A Rememberence of Sara Martin

This interview is about our high school teacher Sara Martin. I interviewed my fellow classmate because unfortunately, Ms. Martin passed away in February of 2018.

The American Dream from the Eyes of an Immigrant

This story is about Tulu Robi, an Ethiopian native who made it to fulfill his dreams of being successful and prideful of where he is today. His inspiring story tells us of the journeys he made from Ethiopia, to Russia,...

February 28, 2019
Lessons I've Learned From My Daughter

As a mother, I interviewed my 9 year- old daughter to gain insights into her childhood and wisdom she brings to my family lives.

a girl in argentina

The story of how one woman’s passion for teaching transcends country borders, continents and her life.