Faith and Dave Butcher

Faith finds out how Dave really feels about his childhood, his work and their life together.

Jo Ann Larabie

Breif interview with my 56 year old mother.

Clemente’s dad coming to Milwaukee

What was talked about was the way that coming to Milwaukee has impacted Rene, his long journey through dessert and hills to arrive here someday.

My Daughter and I

I sat down and interviewed my daughter about family connections and writing.

February 15, 2019
"Make science discovery part of everyday life for all families." an interview with Kristin Lawrence

Kristin Lawrence is reimagining how children of all ages can learn and discover science. The CEO and Founder of The Hopper, a science discovery playground coming soon to Boulder, Colorado. Kristin changed direction from a career in paleomagnetism to helping...

February 13, 2019 App Interview
Grandma’s Favorite

My grandma and I talk though her life struggles and still end up laughing about what makes this family how we are.

Progress & Paradox: Salvador Martinez

My name is Caren Molina and I did an interview with my grandpa Salvador Martinez. He describes his adolescence and early adulthood.