December 12, 2018 app
Kelly B

I asked Kelly what her childhood was like and how she was as a child. Kelly responded, “I was a very energetic child.”

December 7, 2018
Language Partners Ethnographic Interview

Ai, Fatimah, and I discuss relationships and social values. We learned a lot about each other’s cultures.

The best human I know

How you came to be such a beautiful, amazing, caring person

November 29, 2018 app
English interview with andrew

Interviewed him about stories

November 25, 2018 app
The Thanksgiving interview

We talked about josephs life and his carrer and one of his worst moments of his life , we also touched on subjects of what he would say to his family later in the future

November 25, 2018 app
Interview w/ best friend

Bella has a lot of great stories, including a family zebra business!

November 21, 2018 app
Jacob D.

Interview with Devon