Let’s talk

We talked about how we really felt about each other

Carlos Arante – A Nursing Student in William Patterson

In this interview, I talk to my brother (and his girlfriend) about his experiences as an undergrad student and what advice he would give to himself on his career, friendships, and education.

Backpacking Adventures

Clemens and his friend went on a road trip to Jenny Lake over the summer. They had a great time hiking and made great memories.

Roommate interview

This was an interview done on a close friend of mine.

Too new friends

Kari and Juan Carlos are new friends that bond together through this refreshing experience.

Mentor to mentee

My mentor Ferdinand shares his life experiences and life tid bits he would like to pass on to me.

COM 110 Robert Center

Robert is my friend and after this interview I started to know him more better then ever

Mayali Nelson and Alexandra Jones

I asked Mayali about her role growing up with siblings and how it shaped her view of socializing and connection. We talked about family and traditions.