Catcher In the Rye Project Presentation about my dad

My dad grew up in a poor plantation and is now the founder of an engineering business.

Math teacher Mr.Huff gets interviewed by student Chloe Stroud

In this interview, Mr.Huff explains his highschool and college days and what he would do differently. He also expands on his current life and his level of happiness. Tune in.

Big Listen Project Savannah Gibson Interviewed grandparents

I interviewed my grandparents asking them to recall life experiences and life stories that I can implement into my life and wisdom that I can recall back upon in my life.

New media project

During my interview with Nina Dater, we mostly discussed her childhood and upbringing.

Interviewing my dad

I am asking my dad about his history and what he did before in his childhood.


This interview is about my mother and how she is here today.

Grandpa Interview (Fighting For India’s freedom)

Interview Overview/Summary: I asked my grandpa about how his father protesting peacefully to the British affected his own life. He went into detail of what his father went through as well. This is very important to me because I wanted...

Two Years to Live

He was told he had two years to live, due to being morbidly obese. 6 years after he has a successful career and now lives a healthy lifestyle. Now he works with many people to improve their lifestyle, and help...