The consequences for your actions

My mom and I discussed how careful you need to be with your actions because they will haunt you in the future.

Brooke and Mary

Talking about media when my mother was growing up

Media in the past and present

Interviewing Debbie and her taking us through how media has changed in her life.

Media Interview With My Mom

I sat down with my mom to discuss how media was distributed back when she was growing up in Korea and what differences there are from then to now.

1954-2018: The Big Change

Here I will speak with my father on the changes he has seen in media since he was a young boy.

LIVe Media

I interview Chris Blue and talk about the factors that caused him to be apart of LIVe.

Interview about the history of media with my mother Kimberly

Rachel Randall and her mother Kimberly Randall talked over this history of the media in US and it’s affects.