Pre School on the Farm

I was alone a lot so I explored the barn and the other places on the farm. one time I saw a weasel and my sister Mary told me what it was. I collected chicken feathers and I kept busy...

A conversation with Calgary Waldorf School Early Childhood teacher Karen Fjestad

Preschool teacher Karen Fjestad of the Calgary Waldorf school talks about what brought her to the Waldorf School, What fulfills her in work at the school, how Waldorf benefited her own children’s education and life skills, how Waldorf education contributes...

Purdue Village Preschool Interview

This interview was conducted at Purdue Village Preschool. The interview topics were based around my volunteer time at the Preschool and how the kids can benefit from volunteers coming into their environment.

Four Year Old Max

Dad is 40, Max is 4. Time for our annual Thanksgiving interview. Max shares about his preschool, soccer team, and his upcoming dance battle.

Interview with Leslie Berenfeld

I had an interview with my lovely mother on October 7, 2018. We discussed what it is like to be a parent, her favorite memories of me, and more. We discussed snippets of her childhood and other parts of her...

Mom interview

This interview is about my mom and her life. She spends a lot of time talking about her job and the impact on her life.