December 31, 2018
Stephen Bloomquist, founding teacher of The Waldorf School of Lexington. “We made many mistakes, but we were a dynamic and creative team.”

Stephen Bloomquist speaks about being a founding teacher of the Waldorf School of Lexington–the challenges and the joys, creating the festivals and the spiritual life, along with the organizational structures of the school. He speaks about the shared creative vision...

December 15, 2018
"Inspired vision and unstoppable enthusiasm: the two key factors to founding a Waldorf school." ~ Connie Stokes, Chicago Waldorf

Connie Stokes, one of the founding teachers and administrators at the Chicago Waldorf School, shares about her “pioneering days”.

December 13, 2018
Rebecca & Michelle talk about starting the Comox Valley Waldorf School.

The Comox Valley Waldorf School started with a meeting in the backyard of Rebecca Watkin when Michelle Nagle came riding up on her bike with her two young children in tow. Rebecca was a trained Waldorf teacher who found herself...

December 4, 2018
Laurie Clark, Early Childhood Teacher & founder of the Denver WS & Co-Author of “The Extra Lesson: Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures”

Nita Davanzo, alumna of Shining Mountain Waldorf School and Waldorf100 Director, interviews Laurie Clark, early childhood teacher and founder at the Denver Waldorf School, therapeutic support teacher and author about founding a new early childhood support program and more.

A Waldorf Journey

Meg shared her 24 years of supporting Waldorf education in Vermont.