April 11, 2019
Bruce Budd

A look back at the travel career of Dewey Budd with some of the highlights from his trip and places he’s visited.

Mrs. Silva interview

I visited mrs. Silva and talked to her about her past. What an incredible and hilarious women.

High School, College, and Their Everyday Pressures

Me and my sisters talk about the flaws of the Nutley school system, pressures as a teenager, and the things you need to know about college

APUSH: Intervirwing my Grandmother

This is an interview of my grandmother who lives in Amelia Island. She is a delightful woman and I hope you enjoy this interview. One thing she just told me but forgot to mention in the interview is where she...

Interview with Mom (part 2)

Second part of interview after the first part crashed. Crashed at end as well, but we got everything we wanted done.

Interview with a Waldorf School of Princeton founding parent, Heide Ratliff.

Heide Ratliff, founding alumni parent and current educational support teacher at the Waldorf School of Princeton, describes her early involvement with the school and the pioneering spirit of the founding parents and faculty.