New Career on the Horizon

Newly minted CNA’s discuss their shared class and clinical experiences

Working at American Viscose

American Viscose employed over 1500 people in the community of Meadville, Pennsylvania from 1930 before closing under the name Avtex in 1985. At it’s preak, the plant produced 22,000,000 tons of synthetic fiber. These stories capture the memories of those...

Journey to the Center of Eric

This conversation focused on the impact of religion on his life. As well as how his past has shaped his present and future.

Bob Andrews

Adventures of Bob and all the many experiences he had from the army to job in the United States

Interview of Amie Hill’s life (1944)

I, Anya Brink, interviewed Amy Hill about her life. We discussed from her her birth (1944) through her childhood and adulthood.

Interview with uncle

my uncle tells a story that he would pass down to his grandchildren if he would ever meet them, and gives his number one piece of advice

Interview with my Grandmother

I interviewed my grandmother about her life and the lessons she learned along the way

Interview with my Grandmom

In this interview me and my grandmother talked about what life was like when she younger and some people who she missed and had an impact on her in her life.

Interview with Jeanne Ross

The interview consisted of me learning a lot about my grandma that I didn’t know before.

Interview with my Mother!

What was talked about today on January 8, 2019 was about her past and current life and how my mom would like all of this to playout and what she enjoyed most. This is also about the interests she has...