Interview with my dad

“Once you advertise that you’re helping someone, it’s not about helping someone, it’s about you”

Yevheniia Syrevych from Ukraine shares her multiple experiences in the United States.

Yevheniia Syrevych is an immigrant from Ukraine who had multiple experiences in the American culture. She first came to US when she was a junior in high school; she spent a year in Pennsylvania for a student exchange program. She...

Chu Family

A family conversion about how we grew up, where we have travelled, what we learned and enjoying our time.

Nicole Mintiens interviews Tom Gardner

Nicole interviews her father in law with questions picked by her husband (his son).

Ocea & Paula

My grandma and I enjoyed every second I really hadn’t taken the time to ask her about her life and I’m glad I got to do it

Interview for School

How he thought things good and bad helped shape him onto what he is today and how he’d want to be remembered

interviewing my mother

I asked her about family and what were her some of her greatest times

Interview with my dad

Interviewing my dad about his life and experiences. He tells me about the important people in his life, lessons he has learned in life, and much more.

Interview With my Dad, Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers talked about his early life and family members. He discusses many memories and accomplishments that he has achieved through out life while learning life lessons along the way.

Tell me about the day that changed our families life.

It’s more emotional for some people in the family than it others. It showed me that nothing can me taken for granted.

Family History (Dad side)

This was a project where I get to talk with one of my older family about our history.

Remembering Papa

My mom’s remembrance of my grandfather.

Dalton Fiscalini- father-son interview

Dalton Fiscalini asked his dad about his life and what was most important.