Micah’s Dad

I talk with my dad and ask some questions of his past and present

My Wife and Our Relationship
August 25, 2019 App Interview

We are an odd couple and she is shy when asked questions on the spot!

Dad Part 1: Growing Up

Dr. Joshua Scott interviewing his Dad, Dr Jim Scott while on a four day motorcycle trip up the Lake Michigan Lakeshore. This StoryCorps is the first of the three night trip and focused on my dads upbringing in Dunkirk, NY

The best dad in the world

My dad has always try to do whatever he can to provide for us. He is the most hard working person I have ever known

Bringing Life To A Character.

Father talks to his son about his career as an animator and wants his son to follow his footsteps.

Randall Moore Life Perspectives Interview

This interview was conducted on May 20th 2019 in Lafayette, Colorado; Mikayla Moore interviews her father (Randall Moore) on how historical events and life experiences have effected his personal beliefs over time leading up to his current life situation and...

Isaac smith interview of his grandmother Cathy Cline

Cathy told of her childhood with her dad, pride of grandchildren, Jacob Smith, Ella Kinney, Eli Kinney, Aubriegh Barton,

Interviewing my dad

I interviewed my dad about his life, very interesting.

Interviewing my Dad

This interview is between me and my father and goes over some of the aspects of his life, as well as my own.

Interview with a father and French immigrant

An interview with a father who was born in the 50s and immigrated to the US from France.

Interviewing my father

Interviewing my father on some questions

Interview with Dad

For my study of fiction class, we were asked to interview someone. I have always wanted to ask my father about his time in the Vietnam War and he went through his time there, deployment, basic training, and the lessons...

Cleveland, fatherhood, and guitars with Darrell Branch

Lifelong Cleveland resident Darrell Branch talks about Greg Stiles as the biggest influence on his life and his son’s life, and their love of guitars

I love my life

A daughter interviews her Dad about his childhood, debating politics with his dad, when he became a hippy, hitchiking through Europe, discovering the rennaissance faire, and how he met my mom.

An Interview With My Father

In this interview I talked to my father (Reynaldo Castillo) about the attack on the twin towers. My fathers responses are in Spanish, I will translate them.

My Dad and his cousin

My dad and his cousin had the terrific idea to shine a light on people making out in their cars late at night in the 70’s and this incident is about the funniest instant karma story I’ve ever heard

Chatting with my dad

I’m doing this as an English class project. I am simply chatting with my dad and asking him some questions that interest me about him