Sonia Ternier, Renee Ternier-Cody, and Summer Cody

Summer Cody (21) speaks with her mother, Renee Ternier Cody (47), and grandmother, Sonia Cody (73), about their experiences in Haiti, living in New York City and the generational progression they have all shared.

Ruby aunt Elisa

We talked about what she was most proud. We also talked about how she felt when I came into the world

Kotaro & Sandra's Ethnographic Interview

For our ethnographic interview Kotaro and I talked about the food and time in our lives and our culture. Enjoy!

A Change in Time

The ’80s what a time to be alive! My name is Vicente Navarro(14) and today I interviewed my aunt Silvia Higueros about being a child in the ’80s. I was very eager to find out how life really was in...

Life Lessons with Chan Pt.3

Advice that chandler would tell his teenage self is to not worry about finding love or money, be gentler on yourself, and don’t take life so seriously. Chan also spoke about things he would change about his spritual and intellectual...

Interview Project

She talked about her childhood and the difference between then and now

Sarah and Alexis

I talked with my mother about her work in education. My mother talked about why she works in education, as well as her past jobs and present job.

Time with my dad

Time to talk with my dad about some childhood memories and jobs and influences.

Retirement: The Third Act

Student and community member discussing the ideas surrounding retirement.

What’s different about CC?

Crystal Mitchell and Jennifer Salesman talk about how CC has changed over time

The Life of my Mom

We talked about her life back then as a child.

AP Human Geography 2nd Term Project

This is a recording of myself interviewing my loving father. In this, he talks about his influences, childhood, hobbies, and family. I think it is very interesting to learn more about him and things he has to say.

Shanna Green and Caden Green

In the interview we talked and laughed about memories, family, values, loved ones, and crazy experiences.