Memories, Life, and Star Wars

Lauren Augusta talks about her favorite memory of Isaac Wallace and gives her self advice and gets excited about Star Wars

Christmas Interview with Dad

Conversation between a daughter and father about life, lessons, and advice. Dad reflects on his childhood, raising his children, and the loss of his own father.

Ben Schmiedt- interview with Mike Schmiedt

I talk with my dad about his childhood, his parents, those who mean most to him, and our ancestors, (who we don’t know too much about).

Camille Reed interviews Diane Fagan

Grandma Diane goes over some key memories and provides some wisdom for the future.

The Life of my Granddad

This interview covers the childhood of a man born just before World War II, how the war affected his life, and how it influenced his desire to join the Air Force. Although he had to leave the Air Force due...

Collete’s more than just a neighbor, she’s family

Collete is a strong 75 year old women who adores her family and neighbors. She had a fun and adventurous childhood but there were some twist and turns. She grew up in Chicago and later moved to the Eastside, life...

Kathleen Evans Interview

This interview contains Kathleen’s childhood memories and life lessons. She also speaks upon advice she give her younger self and what her life has taught her.

The Slim Sadie Sessions: Episode 8 – Maggie Davis & Jillian Perry

Sadie interviews her neighbors Maggie Davis & Jillian Perry, with help from her friends Adalie and Fay.

Gma Noys

This interview revolved around mostly our family generations, her childhood, and advice. I asked at least 20 questions.


discussing growing up, struggling through addiction and recovery, the birth of Phil’s daughter, and the person he is today.

The time my bestfriend died (my dog rosko)

I talk about my experience of him dieing.i also talk about people that were there for me to help through the rough times

Drives me nuts

Fondest memories about childhood, kids, and future plans. Advice for kids and raising them.

Clara shares great advice and her story about coming to America

Clara and I talk about her childhood. And also what it was like being here in America when she only knew Spanish.

Grandma Dear

An interview with Grandma about her advice and her life

All about you

An interview with my grandma to talk about her life growing up, the type of jobs she had and what those jobs Involved. Also there is so much advice that is great for life…


A grandparents advice for younger generations

My Abuelito

Questions about my grandpa’s life and asking for insight he may be able to give me.

The Slim Sadie Sessions: Episode 5 – Faye Goodwin

Sadie (with an assist from her brother Riley) interviews her Dad’s friend Faye Goodwin.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Mom interview

This is an interview with my mom. This interview was about her life growing up and life currently.

Model of Inspiration

I interview my brother, Michael Sheu, about life lessons he’s learned, his biggest inspiration, and advice he would give to others.