interview 2k22

Art interview with someone.

New Acquaintance

today I meet with a senior student named Cassie and ask her some questions.

Sink or swim: the making of an artist

Talking with a young ambitious Artist who made the decision on not returning to school. On the mission to furfill he goal of being an established artist making his living on doing what he loves, Art.

Interview with my Grandpa

I spoke with my grandpa about his childhood, career, and what it is like working with his son; my dad!

Yearbook 7th hour Final Interview

I talked to Shelly Zimbelman who is an artist who creates paintings, coasters, leggings, trays, and more! It inspired her to start her own buisness and she talks about the steps it took her to get where she is today....

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandma, Dia Mostafa, Part 2

I interviewed my maternal grandmother, Rosh Dia Mostafa. She was born in Cairo, Egypt on October 28, 1930. She came to the United States in 1968 with my mother and grandfather. She got her masters degree in fashion design at...

Terry Braunstein and the women’s art movement in Washington DC

Grandma describes her role in the women in art movement in the 1970s in DC to her three grandchildren

Story Corps Assignment

We discussed the differences between childhood aspirations and current ones. We also discussed how Katy’s goals have evolved throughout the years and why they have changed.

Gwennie and Jason

Partners discuss photography and illustration

An interview with my mom and brother.

My mom told me about her childhood experiences and the important people in her life. My little brother had some input too.

Healthy Habits

Talking about healthy habits we currently have and ones we can in relation to art.

James Mott and Michael Farrell

Friends James "Jim" Mott (60) and Michael "Mike" Farrell (79) share a conversation on the spiritual acts of being an artist and the role of social psychologists.

A special Thanksgiving conversation

During Thanksgiving dinner this year, I interviewed an elderly from my church. We talked about her current life, immigration experiences and happy memories.

Achievement through sacrifice

Hello my name is Wesley Feldman, I am fourteen years old, and I’m interviewing my mom, Dawn olmstead, on January 6, 2020, in Los angeles. As a hard working woman, my mom has earned everything she has achieved, and she...

Justin Interviews Mike on the Power of Woodcarving

Justin Huynh interviews Mike Davison about his passion for woodcarving, what exactly he has found most meaningful in his art, and how woodcarving all relates back to his veteran background and life experiences.

Mrs. Hinch

Mrs. Hinch talks about growing up in North Carolina with her siblings, going to the theatre, civil rights, and moving North.

Week 3 – Story Corps

Interviewing Michelle Herbert about teaching and the moments in here life which brought her to the classroom.

Martinz art

Importance of family and Brotherhood in life

Teresa Nguyen and Syed Rahman

Friends Teresa B. Nguyen (37) and Syed "Tanveer" Rahman (40) discuss their love lives and what they appreciate about one another as friends.

Raquel’s perspective
December 2, 2019 App Interview

This was just a short interview with my little sister about what inspires her life and her interests.