New friends ❤️

Before I didn’t know Shei very well until this. But it was a good way to find things out about him and showed me more things about him.

Interview w/ Nicole Jones

Over Thanksgiving break I had the opportunity to get to know my close friend, Nicole, a little bit more!

Get to know me

In this interview I got to learn a little bit more about my bestfriend as well as get a sense of how much she cherishes our friendship


We talked about what makes us friends and were we see our friendship in the future

Interview with Soobin

I interviewed my friend Soobin, where she talks about her concerns with her culture and education.

The Amigos

Interview with Fernando Munguia about life, family and future

The Amigos

Interviewing Gustavo Diaz about is life and great memory about his childrenhood.

Little Sister

I asked my little sister questions about her life and she told me about how fun it is to be a kid. She also asked me questions and asked for advice when she grows up.

An interview with my best friend about our friendship
November 28, 2018 App Interview

My best friends, Benjamin (18) Daniel (19) and I (17) talk about our friendship over 13 years and what we did as kids. We also talk about how our relationship has changed and why.

Oral History Interview — Lillie Smith

Oral History Interview for Mrs. Denison’s class.

Steele Engelmann Interview

I talk to my dad about his life and some of his stories from his childhood.

Sharing is Caring
August 1, 2018 App Interview

The time I stole my friend’s beanie baby.

Best friend

I interview my best friend of three years. We discussed our friendship, boys, and the future.