Oral history interview

Interview with my dad Gerald scott about his marriage with my mom and some questions of me as a child

My Mom

We talked mostly about my childhood and what her childhood was growing up

Moms memories

She explained how she was a child.She told me some of her memories and what she did as a child.

My Father’s Blast Into the Past

I interviewed my father about his past and his opinions about certain aspects of life.

Parent’s storys

We talked about my dad’s first car, and how having a child changed your life.


I talked about how my mom’s life was when growing up and how was her life like when she met my dad and had me and my siblings

Growing up

Talking about what I was like as a child

Peer interview/Sophia

Sophia discusses the most impactful person in her life with me and much more.

An Interview With Mom

An interview with my beloved mother. I apologize for having so many key moments but my mother and I bond very well and I feel as though these snippets show that. 1:09-2:10, 2:50-6:13, 9:18-10:33, 12:55-13:16, 13:44-16:03

Mom n V interview

Veronica chose 5-6 questions about mom’s childhood

Interview With my Dad

My dad, Charles E. Johnson Jr., talked with me about him life growing up in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. We discuss racism, segregation, life lessons, and family. We end on talking about the funny story of my birth.