Elaine’s life

I ask Elaine about her life and what she has gone through.

Childhood influences

Talks about growing up with many different cultures and costing Vietnam

“If this isn't nice, what is?”

An interview of my father, Peter, about his life. He is 69 years old on the recording. He discusses his childhood, his parents, his wife, his accomplishments, being a parent, and things he has learned in life.

Interview With My Mom

We talked about her childhood and what it was like growing up. We also talked about her life now a little bit.

Thanksgiving Listen Interview

I asked my father how his past life was, I asked him what he was grateful for and what advice he would give himself looking back as he is now a matured adult.

Interview with dad 2

Continued interview because first one got messed up

Childhood of my Older Sister

My older sister, Jie Chen, who attended to the school both in China and America.She is 27 years old, and married to a young man in China. In this interview, we talk about how my sister meet her husband, what...

The Great Thanksgiving interview

We talked about my mother’s childhood and work

Interview With Mom

My mother talked about her time growing up and important life lessons

Thanksgiving Listen

An interview with my grandma about growing up and raising her children.

Grandma j and Joseph

We talked about my grandmas history and siblings and how she liked school and work

Extra Credit

We talked about his life and how I was as a child

A Glance Down Memory Lane

This year for Thanksgiving, some of our family came down from Indiana. I didn’t know them that well, so I decided that I wanted to interview them and get to know them more by learning about their childhood.


Broke again this is the last one number 4

Nana’s Interview

My Nana was able to tell me a little bit more about how she met my papa. We also discussed what her happiest memories were and what her childhood was like.

Melissa’s story

It is About their childhood and life as a teenager in Puerto Rico.

Taking a Step Back

We talked about his childhood, life’s happiest moments, and the best advice to live by.

Scott Nuha-life story

School, childhood, and some or my relatives were the main topics for the interview

Eman Ibrahim’s life.

My mother, eman Ibrahim, tells me about her life now in America and what it was like growing up in Egypt.

Integrated Project

I asked my mother about her early years

Grandma Theresa

In this interview, conducted on the 26th of November, 2017, Molly Kate Feighny (13) interviews her Grandmother, Theresa Ann Feighny (67) about her childhood, teenage years, and adult life. Grandma Theresa talks about her kids and her relationship with her...