mom interview

I asked my mom questions about her life as well as mine.

Mom and Me

We talked about childhood memories, and what were the best things of it. Also, difficulties that were faced and biggest lessons learned.

I see myself in your eyes

We talked about my moms childhood and how she grew up. We also talked about her family and what they are like.

Joseph Ernst and Matthew Ernst

We talked about childhood, family heritage, thoughts on Racism, and things to do for fun.

My Dad and I

My dad and I go back through his childhood a bit and talk about what life was like for him

Interview for History Final

I had asked my grandpa questions of how it was in his life and to see through his eyes

My mom

Asking about her childhood, what she remembers, and her interests

Tia Negra

The relationship we have, her childhood and life lessons.

Getting to know my dad

my dad’s thoughts about what was important to him and memories.

Mable Thacker

Mable Thacker, 89, talks about growing up and the changes she’s seen in her lifetime.

Great Listen

Difficult moment, childhood behavior, thankfulness, and remembrance.

Interview with Morgan about Her Mother

We talked about Morgan’s mom, Tiffany, and the effect that her death had on Morgan’s life. We also discussed what going through a divorce was like at a young age.

interview about my mum
November 27, 2017 App Interview

My mum and I talked about different aspects of her childhood and family.

StoryCorps Part 1

Donna talks a whole lot about her childhood before the app crashes.

Mom interview

My mom’s life stories and what had impacted her life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her life and when she was younger. She also talked about some of our family members, my mom when she was younger