Poppy’s life story

We talked mostly about childhood memories. Some about jobs and schools mostly.

Shawn Sorbom and Mary Sloper

Mary Sloper (78) talks to Shawn Sorbom (28) about going to boarding school at age 5 in Imperial Valley, Californiia, her Croatian mother, and her career as a nurse.


A little look into the wild life of Glory Dadiotis, my grandma.

Grandma’s Childhood

I asked my grandmother about her childhood and life.

Hayden and Amy Schultz

We talked about my childhood for the most part.

Growing up in Disputanta

This interview is about 92 year old Burnice Burton's childhood life in Virginia Disputanta in the 1920s and 30s.

My father’s life.

This interview was about my father’s life growing up.

My Grandmother

I was interviewing my grandma and talking about her childhood and her life.

Payton James and her grandpa Ed James talk about his life.

In this interview, conducted on November 19, 2018 over the phone, Payton James (14) in McKinney, Texas, interviews her grandpa, Ed James (82), in Bonita Springs, Florida about his life and upbringing. Mr. James shares stories about his children and...

Learning about my mother

A mother, Gong Yan Fang is interviewed by her son. She is asked about her life as a child, her family whom she hasn't seen for a while. Though unsure of what a new place would bring her, she still...

Thanksgiving Listen Interview

In this interview I talked with my mom about all the experiences she's had in life in he Philippines to know.

Theology project interview

This was an interview with my mom Colleen. We talked about her life growing up, working, school, etc. We also talked a little about family and funny stories from her life. I interviewed her because she is very important and...

Mom part1

We talked about childhood, her marriage, and her hopes for me.

Grandpa Thanksgiving Interview

This is an interview of my grandfather. We talked about his childhood growing up in India, his work life, family, and his effect on others.


I asked my mother a series of questions.

An Educator's Experience in the Classroom, and in Life.

In this interview, conducted in Silverado, California, Halley McIntire (19) interviews her grandfather, Stu Gothold (83) to talk about his experience as an educator, father, and husband. Dr. Gothold also shares his wisdom about leadership, and advises the future generations...

Walter Escapes the Nazis

Walter, my grandfather, grew up in Vienna during World War II. We only really learned the full story a few years ago, and it was so fascinating to us how such an amazing tale went untold for so long.

Thomas Cochran and his grandmother, Ginny Holt, reflect on her childhood memories and stories about raising her family.

In this interview me and my grandmother, Ginny Holt, discussed events about her childhood and my parents childhood. She is 76 and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. We then discussed historical events such as 9/11 and the Vietnam War. These events...