Casual interview with mom

I ask my mom casual questions about her childhood and focus mainly on her pets.

Poppy’s life story

We talked mostly about childhood memories. Some about jobs and schools mostly.

Oral history project

We talked about his past life and life in the navy


My mom talks about her life in puerto rico, and how she grew up

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my mom

An interview of how my moms life changed throughout the years. How her life has been shaped, and how that was passed down to her children.

Old memories

Interviewing my dad about old memories, his favorite childhood moment, and building on that

Storycorps Great Thanksgiving Listen

I asked my interviewee about her childhood memories, relationship with her parents, lessons she’s learned throughout school and work, how she met her husband, why she chose to live in Esko, how she wants to be remembered, and what she...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen (take 2)

I was interviewing my mom about her life in India and how it changed since she moved to the US with my dad. In short, she lived in Hyderabad, a huge metropolitan city in India, and while there she enjoyed...

Interview with Robert Smith

I ask my grandfather his opinion on everything and his childhood


We talked about my Grandmas life.

English oral history project

Her life and memories growing up and how she’s changed

Interview with my dad Jason

Interviewed my dad about his childhood and adulthood

Interview with my mom

I asked her questions about me, her self and what she was like as a child

APUSH Interview

I interviewed my Grandfather about his past and his childhood.