Teen girl interview

Three girls discuss growing up, regrets and all the dumb stuff they have done

StoryCorps Assignment

This is an interview I conducted of my mother. I had the chance to ask her some questions that talk about daily life, reflecting on past, and what is yet to come.

Charlie Szur and Michaela Brenner

turning one of our many facetime chats into an interview where i ask Charlie about his childhood, his college experience, and what it means to go home to an unaccepting culture.

Of Spiders and Finches

In this interview, my mother shared some of her favourite memories of her as a child, as well as when I was growing up. Our childhoods really do shape us.

Generation Next

The eighties, a time of bright colors, classic movies,Michael Jackson, and a decade of fun for all. Colbe Thomas interviews his father Brandon Thomas, a man from New Orleans about his struggles in the 80s (5:25-6:32) and how he met...

Dolores Lopez

Coming of age story about my grandmother and her experience of growing up in a Mexican America family in San Diego California

Classmate interview
November 9, 2017 App Interview

Eriq talks with his friend and classmate Carson about how he has changed from elementary school, and about becoming an adult.

Coming of age
September 17, 2018 App Interview

My father tells me about his college experience

Dad. 12/1/19

My dad and I haven’t had the best relationship, but we’ve been trying restore our bond, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to talk! We had really good chats about his childhood and our current lives; my lovely dog...


Fatima interviewed Mrs. Rainey about her life experiences.

“The hardest person to come out to was myself” Siobhan and Erin interview Anne and Mary

Anne and Mary have been married 30 years. Their niece Siobhan and her wife Erin interview them about their journey coming out to themselves and their families and building their lives together.

Redefining the Norm: Part II

In part one we learned about how Clay changed his school policy on allowing boys to wear makeup. In part two we went more in depth with others reactions to the policing change, the impact of social media and Clay’s...

A snippet in the life of my wonderful Grandma.

My grandma is about 58 years old and has a sharp attitude to life. Her motto is to always keep things going and to never forget those most dearest to you.


a short interview with Yasmine, a young woman that grew up in the Bay Area that had to grow quickly and learn the value of hardwork.


we talked about my grandmothers childhood and coming of age.

Literary Novels: Allegra Dugan interviews Micaela Dugan on coming of age, reading, and growth.

In this interview, high school senior, Allegra Dugan, talks to her older sister, Micaela Dugan, about finding a love for reading and how Micaela's attitude toward classic literature has grown. They discuss life lessons learned from novels and teachers and...

Brian: Growing Up

36 year old Brian Haas is questioned about his life growing up.